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Staff Profiles

Dr Jose Guivant



1993 BSc: Electrical Engineering, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina
2002 PhD: Field Robotics, ARC Centre of Excellence in Autonomous Systems, Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR), Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, The University of Sydney


1999-2002 PhD student (ACFR scholarship holder) and tutor, The University of Sydney
2002-2008 ARC Research Fellow at ACFR, The University of Sydney
2003-2008 Lecturer, Mtrx1702, "Mechatronics I", Department of Mechatronic Engineering, The University of Sydney
2003-2008 CRC researcher, ACFR, The University of Sydney
2008- Senior Lecturer, School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, The University of New South Wales

Professional Societies

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Teaching Areas

  • Robotics/Autonomous Systems

Research Interests

  • Stochastic data fusion
  • Gaussian estimators (KF, EKF, UF, smoothing, etc)
  • Stochastic inverse problem
  • Localisation and mapping, SLAM
  • Stochastic partial differential equations
  • Non linear control
  • Dynamic programming (applied on non linear control and motion planning)
  • Gaussian random fields (applied in inverse problem)
  • Non linear manifold learning, non linear dimensionality reduction
  • Navigation based on fusion of GPS/inertial/dead-reckoning sensors/maps
  • Wireless communications
  • Visit my research website

Professional Interests and Consulting

  • Reviewer for International Journals:
    • IEEE Transaction on Robotics
    • International Journal of Robotics
    • Journal of Field Robotics
    • IEEE Man and Cybernetics
    • Latin American Applied Research
  • Reviewer for International Conferences:
  • Editor for International Journal:
    • Latin American Applied Research (Editor in Process Control)
  • Past Industrial Projects:
    • Haul Check (Aid Guidance System)
    • Proximity System
    • Fleet Monitoring System
  • Current Projects:
    • Data fusion applied to solve Inverse Problem in Neurology
    • Real-time control/fusion Systems

Selected Publications

  • JULIAN P, GUIVANT J and DESAGES A, "A parametrization of piecewise linear Lyapunov functions via linear programming", Int. J. Control, Vol 72(7-8), pp 702-715 (1999).
  • GUIVANT J, NEBOT E and BAIKER S, "Autonomous navigation and map building using laser range sensors in outdoor applications", J. Robotic Systems, Vol 17(10), pp 565-583 (2000).
  • GUIVANT J and NEBOT E, "Optimization of the simultaneous localization and map building algorithm for real time implementation", IEEE Trans. Robotic and Automation, Vol 17(3), pp 242-257 (2001).
  • GUIVANT J, MASSON F and NEBOT E, "Simultaneous localization and map building using features and absolute information", J. Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Vol 40(2-3), pp 79-90 (2002).
  • MASSON F, GUIVANT J and NEBOT E, "Robust navigation and mapping architecture for large environments", J. Robotic Systems, Vol 20(10), pp 621-634 (2003).
  • GUIVANT J and NEBOT E, "Solving the computational and memory requirements of feature based simultaneous localisation and map building algorithms", IEEE Trans. Robotics and Automation, pp 749-755 (2003).
  • GUIVANT J, NIETO J, MASSON F and NEBOT E, "Navigation and mapping in large unstructured environments", Int. J. Robotics Research, Vol 23(4/5), pp 449-472 (2003).
  • NEBOT E, GUIVANT J and WORRALL S, "Haul truck alignment monitoring and operator warning system", J. Field Robotics, Vol 23(2), pp 141-161 (2006).
  • NIETO J, GUIVANT J and NEBOT E, "DenseSLAM: Simultaneous Localisation and Dense Mapping", Int. J. Robotics Research, Vol 25(8), pp 711-744 (2006).
  • MASSON F, GUIVANT J, NIETO J and NEBOT E, "The hybrid metric map: a solution for precision farming", Latin American Applied Research, Vol 35(2), pp 105-110 (2005).
  • KUMAR S, GUIVANT J, UPCROFT B and DURRANT-WHYTE H, "Sequential nonlinear manifold learning", Intelligent Data Analysis, Vol 11(2), pp 203-222, IOS Press (2007).

Full list of publications available at:

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